March 24, 2013
Talking feminist writing with n+1 magazine

We aren’t publishing this week because of spring break, but we are getting excited for The Intellectual Situation: Conversation about Women in Male-dominated Print Culture with n+1 Magazine Editors, this Tuesday in Shattuck’s Cassani lounge from 4 - 6 p.m.

An all-female delegation of editors from critically-acclaimed literary magazine n+1 will give a reading from their most recent issue, The Intellectual Situation, as part of a college campus tour. Following the reading, Carla Blumenkranz, Dayna Tortorici, and Elizabeth Gumport will discuss issues of feminist writing, women in the media and male-dominated print culture. Snacks and refreshments will be served. 

This event is sponsored by the Mount Holyoke News and the Nexus Program in Journalism and Public Discourse.

Do you like networking? Do you care about the publishing industry, reading, and literature? Do you like listening to smart ladies talk? We’ve got you covered.

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